Why Float?

Floating is not just a psychological reset button, but it can also be a physiological one as well! The benefits are multifaceted including but certainly not limited to: reduced stress, relief from chronic pain, lower blood pressure, heightened mental acuity, healthy radiant skin and hair, and even bone strength improvement!


Floating is great for a psychological reset! It allows you to refocus and orient your psyche towards productivity away from anxiety.


Find your Center and your Calm in a place where no one can bother or berate you just for being alive.


Reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Floating is the ideal solution for chronic pain suffers!


Like flying through the sky, floating is an otherworldly experience you have to try to truly appreciate!

One of A Kind Service

Float Edwardsville is a Float Spa in Edwardsville Illinois, located in the greater St. Louis Metro-East Area. Float Edwardsville offers the largest sensory deprivation tank in St. Louis. Moved away from the city, it is situated in the perfect location to unwind and remove the harshness of daily living. Our premiere float spa staff are knowledgeable and eager to help you become a more whole person. Their sole focus being you and your time in the float. Booking a service with us is simple, but more importantly, the service given is of the highest degree of not only comfort and luxury, but of actual focus and attention to detail. Your float is prepared for you before you come in, and all your needs are attended to once you arrive. Come see what is considered an otherworldly event by some between you and your own mind!


Unplug for an hour and let problems and stress melt away.

Looking To Reduce Stress? Try Floating

Our Float Room

Our Premiere Suite is designed to be the most accommodating in the entire Nation. Our king mattress sized Float Room is built just for you! Come and enjoy the healing waters of Float Edwardsville and find wellness is just 60 minutes away! We keep our Float in peak condition with nationwide renown technicians and filter the water after every floater with extreme scrutiny. This float is designed to maximize the benefits you can gain from floating and minimize your hassles!

Your Float Experience

Float in peace and quiet, or enjoy music in your float of your choosing! We want you to be in a state that is perfect for you, and we are here to help you get that exact experience. Let us work with you to create the perfect environment to fully become the best you there is!

Harmony Wellness Center